Jostling to buy an " never seen before" mask in Saigon

Jostling to buy an " never seen before" mask in Saigon

This morning (February 16), at Nguyen Gian Thanh Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City (the largest pharmacy market in Saigon), thousands of people gathered to buy medical masks.

The drug stores here issue coupons and only sell a limited number of masks per person at the listed price, avoiding the situation of buying and selling, speculation .

Due to the limited number of tickets issued, many people crowded in and wished to buy medical masks for themselves and their families to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic. Many people who can not get over and give up. Among those who rush to buy, there are many people in suburban districts, they was run tens of kilometers to buy a mask.

The scarcity of masks in Ho Chi Minh City has not cooled down, 2 days ago, the scene of jostling also occurred at a pharmacy in District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, when thousands of people gathered to buy masks, but many people cannot buy due to limited quantity.

Health experts have recommended that we do not need to wear medical masks everywhere, we wear it when they was doubt or continue with those who doubt, for the citizen wear normal cloth masks are fine, we just need to wear it properly and keep clean, disinfecting.