About us

Dong Pha Medical Instrument Production Company - DOPHA, formerly known as a distributor of medical supplies, instruments and equipment, was established on September 5, 2005.

Over 15 years of establishment and development, DOPHA has made important milestones.

• In 2009, DOPHA continued to expand business model as a major turning point. The Company invested in modern machinery and equipment (high-speed manufacturing equipment of bandages, a new technology for instrument sterilization) to put into operation the production of consumable medical supplies such as medical gauze bandages, umbilical bandages, tongue clean gauze, cotton balls, etc.

• In 2015, the Company invested in the most advanced technology production line to produce the best quality products.

• In 2020, DOPHA is on the list of 24 leading companies producing medical instruments, medical masks, nCoV epidemic prevention and control clothes, announced by the Ministry of Health in Official Dispatch No. 403 / BYT-TB-CT.

With a team of professional staff with the participation of experts, engineers and hundreds of experienced workers and constantly improving technology and technical equipment, DOPHA is proud to bring to customers the best products to meet the increasing quality needs and diversity of products on the market.

DOPHA's products have been certified and licensed by the Ministry of Health to circulate nationwide.

In the near future, DOPHA efforts to implement a closed-loop production chain to improve quality and provide consumers with the best products. In addition, the Company will promote exports to international markets.

A Mission: Your health is DOPHA's mission

B Vision: The development of DOPHA is directed to a leading and reputable Medical Equipment Supplier in the Health Industry, constantly innovating and improving the quality to contribute to the protection of human health.